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Productivity and Performance Booster

Type: Event
Group: Public
Category: ISCA
Event Date: 21-06-2018
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Event Presenter: Glenn Bergsma - Evolve Leadership
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Text Description: Productivity, performance, and challenging workplace conversations. Self management, time management, controlling your schedule, and tough conversations.
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Productivity and Performance Booster

Managing yourself, your time, tasks and challenging conversations at work.

Glenn Bergsma - Evolve Leadership Group

ISCA is delighted to bring you a PD offering that focusses on you and your workload. Between clinical work, caseload management, emails, meetings, admin, emails, whole school initiatives, general school commitments, PD, emails, and more -  we all have too many balls in the air at any given time (and, let’s be honest, at least a few that’ve been sitting on the floor for some time). We also have (and should be having) challenging conversations in the course of our work: performance appraisals, staff and up-line management, defensive/unreceptive parents (and teachers?)…

This session will take a look at practical approaches to taking more control of your work load, and improving effectiveness in challenging conversations.

Glenn is a corporate leadership consultant who has worked with clients across Australasia and North America, including companies like Chevron, RBS Morgan, Emeco, Anittel, the Australian Institute of Management, as well as not-for-profits. He’s also the Chair of Alta-1 College, one of our CARE schools. You can take a look at his presenter bio here. We feel this is an important but often overlooked area in our field that offers real prospects of making daily working life more productive and enjoyable.

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